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Making a Connection: How to Engage Potential and Previous Clients

A silver lining coming out of the pandemic is that technology has not only made it possible to stay engaged with each other but also presented more opportunities to connect with po...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business by Networking

If you’re looking for a new way to grow your business, go to the contacts app on your phone. Now, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the total number of contacts that you’ve save...

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3 Ways to Make Social Media Part of Your Business Plan

As an agent, you have probably heard over and over that social media marketing is an easy and effective strategy to win over clients. At the same time, trying to keep up with multi...

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How to Pick the Perfect Real Estate Farm

Farming is not just growing crops in a field. In real estate, farming means growing your business by marketing yourself to a specific area, or farm. A farm can be any geographic or...

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Stay Hot in the Summer Market with These 6 Marketing Ideas

Summer is hot, and not just in terms of weather. Many agents know that summertime is also a hot season in real estate. Kids are out of school, families spend more time together, th...

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Why You Need a Business Plan for Your Real Estate Business

The secret to most successful businesses starts with a great idea, motivation and a business plan. But if you’re thinking about avoiding that often-dreaded third element, you may w...

December 18, 2018
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Pay Attention to Tone & Frequency In Your Social Media Marketing

Pay Attention to Tone & Frequency In Your Social Media Marketing

November 06, 2018
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Connecting With Clients Through Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the hottest and fastest growing trends in social media today. Real estate is still a people-to-people business, but with more and more people doing parts ...

October 04, 2018
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Make Your Real Estate Business A Social Media Success With These 3 Rules.

Make Your Real Estate Business A Social Media Success With These 3 Rules.

September 14, 2018
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Send a text. Make more money.

Did you know that reaching out to leads through text can help you bring in more business? Texting is an easier way for potential clients to communicate with you. Let’s be real… no ...

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How To Create A Trustworthy Brand on Social Media

Homebuyers and sellers -- looking for an agent they trust -- are taking to social media to do their research. They’re looking you up and finding your profiles, so you better have a...

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The Art of Holding an Open House

With the summer housing market in full-swing, it's time to ramp up your marketing efforts to get your clients' homes sold. In addition to your traditional marketing and lead-genera...