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Stay Hot in the Summer Market with These 6 Marketing Ideas

Summer is hot, and not just in terms of weather. Many agents know that summertime is also a hot season in real estate. Kids are out of school, families spend more time together, the outdoors are calling… The list goes on! Factors like these jumpstart the thoughts of buying or selling a home.

Despite this, many agents don’t find the time or energy to effectively market themselves in this crucial season. No matter how many transactions you complete this summer, now is the prime time to market yourself. Past and prospective clients will listen! The question is: how?

From barbecues to pool parties, there are so many options to help you stand out in the summer market. These are a few ideas to start your brainstorming.

Parties, Parties, Parties

When agents hear the word party, they are often quick to shy away from the idea. Throwing a party might sound intimidating, but it also sounds like a great opportunity. You can take the idea of throwing a party in so many different directions, but these are a couple of easy ones to start.

End of School/Back to School Party: If you have a lot of families in your market, this is for you. Find an elementary school in your area, figure out when they start or end school and set a date. Many schools have a park or open area that you can use to hire a DJ, spray tattoo artist or food trucks. You can also bring games of your own or even set up an ice cream sundae bar. No matter what you decide, this is an event sure to have high attendance.

Pool Party: Many Homeowners Associations will allow you to “rent” a community pool for a certain period of time. Use this to your advantage in the hot summer months! You can do anything from grilling hot dogs and hamburgers to showing a movie on a blow-up screen. And, because pool parties can be fun for anyone, they can be a great way to expand your reach into different demographics.

Use Food to Your Advantage

It’s no secret: people love food. They are more likely to think highly of your name if you have given them something good to eat!

Fourth of July Pies: Independence Day is a major summer holiday, partly because it brings good food. Pies are a popular dessert choice, so why not hand some out in your community? Reserve an event center or meeting room for a few hours leading up to the Fourth of July. Then, spread the word about free pies! You might be surprised by how much people will do for a free apple pie. Plus, you’ll be the center of conversation at their July 4th parties! 

Barbecue: Summer barbecues are popular in just about every market, so hosting one is a safe option to generate some buzz. This one doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simply grill some hamburgers and hotdogs in a park, an open space nearby or even in the backyard of one of your listings. Bring a game of cornhole and play some music to liven up the party even more!

If All Else Fails, Stay Simple

While beneficial, the ideas listed so far do have a cost. But don’t fret if you can’t have a pool party or hand out pies! There are so many simple ways to market yourself that are equally effective.

Summer Newsletter: Homeowners are always curious about what is happening in their community. Creating a summer newsletter is the perfect chance to update them! It can include some real estate news, but you can also talk about some of the hottest summer events in town. People might remember you more for your concert suggestions than real estate updates.

Summer Social Media Posts: Providing relatable content on social media is an easy way to draw people in. Write a blog post about cleaning out your garage or maintaining your pool for cheap this summer. Get permission to film a video at a client’s house that has great landscaping. The possibilities are endless.

Are your creative juices flowing yet? While summer can be an overwhelming season in real estate, it can also be filled with excitement. Get out of your comfort zone and try some of these marketing strategies this summer. You won’t regret it!


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