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Make Your Real Estate Business A Social Media Success With These 3 Rules.

By Jen Ross on September 14, 2018
Jen Ross

Make Your Real Estate Business A Social Media Success With These 3 Rules.

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to increasing your social media followers for your real estate business? Don’t-- it’s easier to do than you think!

All you need is to be you, be consistent and post content worth following to amp up your social media presence. We’ll walk you through what you need to focus on to get started so you can get social-- the right way!


Rule #1: Be Authentic

Authenticity is probably the most critical element to a successful social media presence. Consumers want to know who you really are, not what you pretend to be. Think about how you interact with other brands as a consumer. Do you like seeing posts that look over-staged or are too “salesy”? Probably not.

To channel more of who you are as a real estate professional, ask for reviews and try live video.

Rely On Reviews

As a business owner, you know good word-of-mouth is important. Gathering reviews for your own business should be a priority and posting them on your social accounts, like Facebook, is a great way to keep them front-and-center.

Think about yourself as a consumer-- you know that reviews are important in making a decision to move forward before paying for services from a company. Relying on others’ feedback is a big step in feeling confident about the purchase you are prepared to make. Collect reviews naturally by being a respectable agent and practicing good business. Ask your clients for them during conversations and promote your reviews when you pitch your listing presentation.

Go Live On Video

Consumer video-watching is consistently on the rise. When the live video is in your social feed, it’s easy for your followers to get a quick and authentic glimpse of who you really are.

If you’re not used to going live, don’t overthink it. That’s how you stay authentic! Get on, get live and get followers. It’s as easy as that!

Rule #2: Be Consistent

Consistency is the best policy when it comes to social posting. You want to stay at the forefront of the feed. When you post on a regular basis, clients will begin to associate you and your brand making you the first real estate agent they think about when it’s time to sell or buy a home.

Commit to spending about an hour a week creating a basic plan for your social posts. Don’t be too structured though-- part of being authentic is posting when something unexpected or exciting happens.

*Tip* Post about your business on your real estate business accounts-- not on your personal accounts!

Rule #3: Post Valuable Content

To really take your social media accounts by storm, your content needs to be valuable to your followers. The more value you give, the more your content will be liked and shared, which means more followers!

Creating value isn’t hard to do-- think about what your clients or acquaintances already ask you.

3 Ideas to Create Content with Value

  • If you find you’re always being asked what the market is like in your area, do a live video post about that month’s just-released data.
  • If clients often ask what’s involved in an open house, do a quick video walkthrough of a home you’re holding open to show what it’s like and talk about what you did to prep for it. 
  • Don’t forget about other easy posts for engagement-- on your next Facebook post, select the three little dots underneath the post content area and select “poll”. Ask your followers to answer a question such as “Would you buy a house that’s recently been updated or would you prefer to remodel after you buy?” Social followers like to be asked their opinion and you’ll eventually see your engagement increase.

With these tips, some time and dedication, your real estate business will be on the road to social media success! For a more in-depth look on how these tips can change the way you present and grow your real estate business on social media, watch “3 Strategies To Optimize Your Social Presence Now.

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