Did you know that reaching out to leads through text can help you bring in more business? Texting is an easier way for potential clients to communicate with you. Let’s be real… no one wants to answer a cold call, voicemail or even email anymore. Texting is a casual way to reach out and a reply is almost always guaranteed.

98% of all text messages are read in 15 minutes or less!

Texting doesn’t take a lot of time for you or the consumer. By spending just 15 minutes a day, you will see an increase in your sales and growth of your brand. 

In this week’s episode of The Real State Podcast, HomeSmart International Chief Industry Officer Todd Sumney explains why you should let your thumbs do the talking!

The Real State Episode 3: Text For Success


In this episode you’ll learn the 5 ways text marketing works for you:

  1. Promote your listings
  2. Announce open houses
  3. Expand your sphere of influence through referrals
  4. Generate leads with Texting Thursdays
  5. Maintain relationships with existing customers

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