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How to Market Your Listings Effectively in 2023

By HomeSmart International Marketing Team on February 10, 2023

As a real estate pro, you know the role that marketing your listings plays in your overall success. Even in a competitive industry, you can tap into surefire marketing tactics to boost your brand, show off your listings and ultimately make the sale.

In 2022, just over 5 million existing homes were sold, according to NAR. This year, NAR expects that number to dip below that 5 million mark, showing about a 7% drop. But with a more competitive market, dropping interest rates and a stabilizing of home prices, there comes the opportunity to stand out and reach a newfound client base in unique ways.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when wanting to market your listings more effectively.

Create Listing Landing Pages

Based on Ruler Analytics’ Marketing Attribution and Reporting Analysis, the top marketing track to connect with potential clients is through websites, followed by blogs and email marketing. And while creating your own website to promote your personal brand and business is important, providing individual landing pages for your listings can help showcase the properties and give you an edge during listing presentations.

A listing landing page should have property information, images and video, an effective call to action and a simple lead capture form asking for the person’s name and contact information. 

Make sure to set up the form so you receive a notification every time a person fills it out, that way you can follow up quickly. Some real estate agents also offer free downloads, like a buyer’s guide, as this helps to boost engagement and conversation.

Another excellent option for helping with listings? A personalized website tool that develops automated and customizable sites, like HomeSmart’s SmartGallery. Each site contains special features like property details, a custom image gallery, an open house schedule, neighborhood information and more. Plus, each SmartGallery website offers direct contact options, helping agents connect easily with prospective buyers.

Promote Your Listings via Email

To develop more leads and turn more heads, a successful marketing campaign should develop interest by showcasing your listings, including displaying info on current listings and listings that are coming soon.

To showcase your listings, you have two options: the newsletter and the buyer’s email. First, a newsletter is a great way to engage a wider audience, including buyers and current clients who’ve signed up to get regular updates from you. These are broader, but offer you plenty of opportunities to showcase your services. Send newsletters that tackle multiple topics, including market trends, your newest listings, tips on buying your first house, tips on selling, the forecast for mortgage rates, local neighborhood tips and more.

For buyer-specific clients, or the buyer’s email, include info that speaks specifically to that audience. This can be a more streamlined email that features brand new listings, videos and tours of homes for sale, how to negotiate with sellers, tips on financing, how to buy your first home and more.

When you’re creating emails, include one or two high-res images and a video, if you have one, instead of just packing them full of text. Also, be sure to write a clear subject line that’s specific to that listing so it doesn’t look too sales-y or like a newsletter they might just otherwise pass up.

By promoting your listings on multiple fronts, you’re opening the door to more potential buyers. Hitting your audience with more than one way to view your listings and showcasing listings visually is an interactive approach that can catch the attention of anyone who receives your emails.

Virtually Stage Your Listings

In the world of real estate, seeing is believing, and nothing is better than being inside a property and getting a firsthand look. But while that may be true, providing interested parties with a quality virtual tour of the home is key to whetting their appetite and potentially nudging them to fill out a lead capture form or visit the home in person.

If you are selling a home that is empty or poorly furnished without staging it, you are hindering your chances of selling it quickly or selling it at all. Virtually staging a home helps buyers visualize the house and themselves in the house, thus increasing the overall perceived value of any home. From individual images of rooms to 3D walkthroughs featuring multiple angles to providing a video tour, putting the interested buyer within the space from virtually anywhere can pay off.

Sharing Your Listings on Social Media

Posting your local listings as a form of marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn is an effective way to market them. If you’re a real estate agent, you understand how social media impacts your business, your brand and your connection to potential and current clients. Social media is a major key for lead generation and can help you maximize efficiency online.

Potential buyers are more likely to hop on to social media throughout their day than sites like Zillow or Redfin. And while they’re looking at puppy pictures and liking sports stories, they are also coming across listings for homes in their local area.

By using social media, you are offering potential clients a window into your business and showcasing your listings to a broader audience while connecting on a more personal level. Try not to overwhelm followers with too many posts or content that doesn’t promote your business professionally. Each post needs to add value to your leads by persuading them to work with you, so keep this end goal in mind every time you add new content to their feeds.

There are many ways you can market your listings, especially in today’s more connected, more scroll-happy consumer society. But having surefire tools at your disposal, such as email, CRM and social media, can help you to reach potential clients and pique their interest more directly and instantly.

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