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Your Safety and the Future of Big Data

Personal safety is at the forefront of people's’ minds today-- especially real estate agents. The job of a residential real estate agent includes meeting with strangers, often alon...

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Converting FSBOs in Your Future? Prepare Yourself First.

Not every homeowner wants to use an agent to sell their home. When this happens, they list it as “For Sale By Owner”, more familiarly referenced as a “FSBO”. As agents, we know we ...

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Don't Sweat It... What Buyers Need to Consider in a Hot Market

Summer is a prime time for homebuyers to set sights on a new home, as children are between school years and families of both buyers and sellers have the time to make a move. Becaus...

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Start Working On Your Business, Not Just In It

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘spend more time working on your business not in it’ but have you ever paused to think what that means or how you can accomplish it?

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The Art of Holding an Open House

With the summer housing market in full-swing, it's time to ramp up your marketing efforts to get your clients' homes sold. In addition to your traditional marketing and lead-genera...

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What Sellers Need to Consider in a Hot Market

Depending on the market, there are many factors that play into the best time of year to sell a home. But nationally, summer is the time to do it. During the summer months we’ve got...

Why You Need to Rethink a CRM

In the real estate world, CRM systems get a bad rap. They’re perceived as something that adds an additional step to the prospecting process, slows down work and doesn’t add benefit...

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How to Effectively Use Instagram for Your Real Estate Business

Instagram has transformed from an app to simply share images with friends, to a booming and profitable platform for the modern businessman. The same marketing tactics that work for...

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Getting nowhere with text? Try video to reach consumers.

As marketing trends ebb and flow, there’s one constant that never changes with the tide: the challenge of breaking through communication clutter.

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4 Must-Haves for Operating Your Real Estate Team as a Business

Teams continue to emerge as the path of choice for many real estate entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses and revenues to the next level. Teams are also becoming increasin...

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10 Convincing Stats That Will Have You Using Video In Your Marketing

Video is quickly becoming one of the most important marketing tools for business owners to use, real estate agents included. To ensure you don’t fall behind the trend, we have comp...

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Tips for Creating a Sustainable Social Media Presence

Social media is constantly evolving and growing. Where it was once simply a platform for communicating with friends, it’s now a powerhouse for business growth. Frankly, if you’re n...