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Getting nowhere with text? Try video to reach consumers.

By Jen Ross on June 12, 2018
Jen Ross

As marketing trends ebb and flow, there’s one constant that never changes with the tide: the challenge of breaking through communication clutter.

Business owners and marketers alike face this issue. Billions of dollars are spent by companies each year on advertising campaigns that are intended to make consumers stand up and take notice of a new product or service. While most real estate businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have that kind of money to spend, we rely on our own skills and expertise to reach our audiences the best we can.

With shorter attention spans and a constant barrage of messages on a daily basis, consumers are attracted to video more than ever before. But don’t worry, adding video to your marketing is easier and more impactful than you think.

Video Creates Engagement

Just how much more engaged are consumers when it’s video versus text? Video receives 403% more engagement than any other medium of marketing in real estate. That’s pretty impressive! But what is it about video that sparks engagement? Read on to find out!

Video Sparks Emotion

Do you remember the last time you were moved emotionally through email copy? When your clients or leads see your face, witness your expressions and hear your voice, an emotional response occurs. This response leads to a very different result in how they return a message to you. Written words in an email are fine, but imagine what will happen when your recipient actually feels something after seeing and hearing you regarding their offer being accepted?

Video Builds Trust

Once the emotional response takes place, the opportunity for a good rapport will open up. When clients see and hear you, it makes them more comfortable with you and doesn't leave any part of your message open to interpretation. Email and text messaging can easily lead to confusion for the recipient-- especially when poor grammar, misspellings or bad punctuation happen. Messages can get misconstrued as vocal tone cannot be relayed through written communication. Video leaves very little room for error when it comes to delivering the message you intend to be received. 

Video Creates Authenticity

As for advertising and marketing in general, consumers are skeptics. From the days of the snake oil salesmen to today, we’ve learned to take every ad we see with a grain of salt. Whether you’re selling real estate or yogurt, a consumer’s response to an ad and its copy typically has the same first thought: “Is this for real?” However, when you connect to clients and leads through video, there’s no hiding behind fancy copy or graphics-- what they see is what they get. Your sincerity and authenticity breaks the ice between you and the consumer and sets you up for success.

Video Marketing Is Easier Than It Looks

You don’t need expensive equipment to incorporate video into your marketing. All it takes is your laptop or phone camera to get you started. Plus, just one quick Google search will leave you nearly overwhelmed with online options to get that video ready to send out to your clients and leads. We recently connected with BombBomb, an online video marketing platform that takes all of the guesswork out of video marketing. Get more video marketing inspiration from that webinar here.

Next time you feel like you’re in a lead generation-slump, turn on Facebook live and start talking! How you make someone feel is the most powerful form advertising for your brand.

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