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Start Working On Your Business, Not Just In It

By Hannah Westbrooks on July 10, 2018
Hannah Westbrooks

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘spend more time working on your business not in it’ but have you ever paused to think what that means or how you can accomplish it?

Working in your business typically refers to completing daily tasks such as meeting with clients, processing paperwork, working with vendors and answering emails. These are the tasks that ensure you’re meeting your clients’ needs so that you can earn your commission at the end of the transaction.

When you first start out, completing those daily tasks is critical in growing your client base, understanding the business and creating processes. But many agents get too settled in their daily routines that they don’t realize it’s time to step back to see the bigger picture and start planning for their success. That’s where working on your business comes into play.

Working on your business focuses on propelling your business further, beyond a single transaction, for growth. This includes attending training and education courses, creating a business plan, automating your processes and investing in the right tools and/or people to make you more productive. It’s all about planning ahead so that your business continuously grows beyond your current client.

The trick is that you need a balance of both. So how do you get there? Implement plans and processes that organize, streamline and support your needs while increasing your productivity.

One key example is a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Implementing a CRM and using it to its full potential can help organize your work while defining and streamlining your processes to give you more capacity to grow your business. Through our eBook, “How to Effectively Use a CRM to Sell Better and Faster”, you’ll learn how to put this tool to work for you help you find that balance of working on and in your business.  

Download the eBook and start being proactive about the future of your business by learning how to implement the tools and processes that can get you there.

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