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Top Video Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Inman’s research on real estate marketing is clear: Video is great for business. Consider these numbers:

  • 85 percent of leads want to work with agents who use video.
  • Videos in listings draw four times as many inquiries as those that don’t.
  • Videos included in emails double the click-through rate and significantly reduce opt-outs.
  • 70 percent of buyers watch videos to virtually tour a property.

These statistics are impressive, but to fully realize a real estate video marketing strategy that extends beyond your website, you should incorporate social media and be smart about the videos you are producing and posting. The following hacks can give your video efforts the boost they need to grow your business.  

Shorter Is Better

People may love video marketing, but they prefer videos that they can watch quickly and be done with it. Research from HubSpot found that the ideal video time for Instagram is fewer than 30 seconds (you’re limited to a minute on the channel anyway). Other ideal social media video times are 45 seconds for Twitter, 60 seconds for Facebook, and 2 minutes for YouTube. Longer videos are too easy to click away from, even if the viewer is intrigued by the content. You’re not trying to show or explain everything with videos, but the medium is great for getting a quick message across or highlighting part of a property. Rather than shooting a 10-minute video of a listing, break it into smaller chunks capturing individual rooms or features. If viewers like what they see in a short video, they can choose to watch another or subscribe to your channel.

Don’t Be a Robot

Although using a script when creating videos can help you to stay on topic and avoid “ums” and “uhs” in your speaking, you must take care to sound personable and authentic. Be emotional and enthusiastic in the videos you post—in other words, apply how you connect in person with a client or lead to what you say into the camera. Don’t be robotic, and don’t just spout endless facts and numbers. Directly appealing to viewers offers the impression they are watching a message created specifically for them. Also, don’t limit your videos to you on camera; besides showing off a property with a little commentary, you can interview clients whose houses you successfully sold or who are moving into a new home you helped them find.

Use Video Channels Wisely

As already stated, sticking to optimum video times for each social media channel keeps the viewer’s attention and makes life easier for you. How you use videos on the varying channels is also important. YouTube videos last forever and are easier to access and repost; Facebook invites better interaction (more on this next); Instagram is best for short posts and Stories—videos that disappear in a day but are generally promoted first on followers’ feeds. A strategy that incorporates all three (as well as Twitter and maybe even LinkedIn) not only reaches people on their preferred channels, but also improves your visibility and the likelihood your videos are shared. Moreover, live video delivers immediacy. For example, saying “I’m here at an open house, and wow, this property is gorgeous!” in real time can draw visitors to the event who might have otherwise been content to stay home on a Saturday afternoon.

Invite Interaction

Ideally, the end of a video shouldn’t be the end of the connection between you and the viewer. Finish videos with a strong call to action, inviting viewers to email or call, visit your website or Facebook page or other social media account (another reason to cross-post your videos), post a comment to the video post, or attend an open house or other event you’re hosting. If the lead follows through with any of these actions, be sure to immediately email/call back, reply to their comments, or thank them for attending and start a new conversation. Real estate video marketing offers enormous potential to grow your business, but only if you put in the work after your video publishes, as well as before.

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