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Leaning on Local Support

By HomeSmart International Marketing Team on December 09, 2022

For an agent just starting your career or thinking about switching brokerages, it’s important to select a company that fits your needs and goals and provides dependable support.

Having ease of access to support resources provides you with the stability you’re looking for in any economic climate–even today’s. If you’re a newer agent or someone in transition, you may need real estate broker support in the form of education, technology, mentorship, lead generation and more. Being able to tap into accessible and dependable help can not only improve your prospects but your overall business.

What Kind of Real Estate Broker Support Should You Look For?

Depending on the brokerage, some companies are very hands-on and focus on development. Others might just lean on providing a place to check in and take calls. When an agent is considering the amount of support they want from a broker, they need to think about the areas of their business where they are lacking or are forecasting the need for more help.

Here are some of the common types of broker support agents should value:

  • Education to find quality potential clients
  • Technology
  • Mentoring
  • Paperwork processing

The Value of Coaching & Mentoring

One of the most important things you can do for your career in the long term is to look for coaching and mentoring options. A real estate coach helps boost accountability in your day-to-day operations and provides you with an opportunity to make a plan for your business.

Coaches guide you through the highs and lows while making sure you stay on top of skill-building and quality client-searching. Invest in a brokerage that offers the professional development, insight and support you deserve so you can work smarter and move your career forward.

Continuing Education Resources

As an agent, you should rely heavily on training and education options you can tap into whenever you need them. In today’s real estate landscape, being knowledgeable about every change in the market–and there are a lot–could be the difference between landing a client and making a sale versus that client going elsewhere.

You should seek out a brokerage that understands the value of providing new and experienced agents with the training and know-how they must have to properly and effectively support their clients. By tapping into a brokerage that values career development, you will find a business that shows an investment in your future and, thus, the success of the company as a whole.

Furthermore, by joining a brokerage that provides everything from ongoing education resources to seminars and workshops led by industry experts to opportunities for advancement, agents are able to build out a more secure and sustainable future, no matter the state of the industry.

At HomeSmart, we provide our agents the opportunity to plug into hands-on training to stay on top of changes in the industry.

Where Do You Stand?

Lastly, when considering a brokerage, it’s helpful to check in and ask yourself if the brokerage will put you first or do they have name recognition only. The real estate agent is the backbone of a brokerage, especially here at HomeSmart. From training to 24/7 agent support to mentoring and development, we provide the chance for professional growth for all who join our ranks.

It’s crucial to reflect on what your brokerage is offering you and what you think you need to succeed. With the right support and services in your corner, you can see greater success heading into a new year and a changing marketplace.

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