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The Simple Act of Staying in Touch

In the National Association of REALTORS® 2018 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, 90% of buyers said that they would use their agent again or recommend them to others. But here’s the kicker… the same survey shows that only 12% of clients have actually used the same agent twice. The disconnect between what your clients say and what they actually do suggests that another agent takes their attention away from you. So how can you ensure that your clients will work with you in the future and refer others to work with you, too?

The answer boils down to how you stay in touch. Even if you provide an outstanding level of service during the transaction, your clients will go elsewhere if you don’t stay in contact with them afterwards. Staying relevant to past clients can be challenging in a saturated market, but these creative strategies will help you stay memorable and increase your business.

Provide News They Can Use

By providing your clients with valuable information, you’ll be remembered not only as their agent, but as a credible and reliable source of knowledge. Think about sending out a newsletter, video or postcards with news about what’s happening in the community. You can mention new developments, upcoming events in the area, market trends or even homes that are currently for sale. Do research to find content that will benefit your audience and align with the current market. 

While the content you provide is important in keeping your reader’s attention, you also have to be consistent if you want to be remembered. To be a reliable resource, you need to commit to sending news out on a regular basis. In addition, you’ll stand out by keeping your formatting constant across all of your materials. Make sure that your name is recognizable right away, and use a clean design that makes your copy easy to read.

A Small Gift Makes a Big Difference

Being remembered as an expert is one thing, but being remembered as someone who truly cares about their clients is another. People love to feel appreciated, and they’ll be more likely to remember you in return. One way to show that you care is to send your past clients a small token of your appreciation. You don’t have to spend your entire budget on this––the thought that goes into your gifts will mean much more than the price tag. No matter what you give them, be sure to personalize your gifts with a fun note and call to action. This will add meaning and remind clients to keep you in mind.

Here are a few examples of inexpensive, creative gift ideas to get you started. They’re fun and memorable while still persuading clients to take action.

Marshmallow Peeps - Give clients some Peeps with a note attached, like, “Have any peeps with real estate needs?” There are holiday-themed Peeps and others that can be used year-round.

Starbucks Gift Card - You can get your logo engraved on a Starbucks gift card! This will easily impress your clients. Your note could say, “The biggest perk is business/a referral from you!”

Forget-Me-Not Flower Seeds - This is a great spring gift that has the message written on the bag! You can also add a seasonal message, like, “I will spring into action for your business/your referrals!”

Entertain with Events

Many agents don’t like the idea of hosting an event because it sounds like a lot of work. But these don’t have to be extravagant to leave a lasting impact on your community. You can easily host a themed event around a holiday or a certain time of year––hand out pies for Thanksgiving, have a pool party in the hot summer months or have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. There are also plenty of events you can put on year-round, from happy hours to volunteer opportunities. The possibilities are endless, which makes it a strong option for staying in touch.

Remember the Little Things

At the end of the day, you’ll often be remembered most for the little things you do for your clients. Make an effort to remember their birthdays and home anniversaries, and wish them well when these days come around. If you see something that reminds you of them or hear news that you think they’d appreciate, let them know. These small gestures will be unexpected and remind your past clients that you care about them as people and not just as entities in a transaction.

Staying in touch is a simple act that can transform your real estate business. It allows you to not only be memorable to your past clients, but also convince them to take action and give you more business. You don’t have to do everything we just mentioned in order to stand out, but pick the strategies that work best for you and stick to them. As long as you’re creative and consistent with how you stay in touch, your clients will remember you. Get ready to see your numbers and your relationships grow!

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