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How Tech Tools Boost Transparency in Real Estate

By HomeSmart Marketing Team on March 15, 2023

In the world of real estate, transparency should be the norm. It should be expected and respected by the buyer, seller, agent and broker involved in a transaction. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience full-faced transparency throughout the home-buying process.

Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies and the constant updating of today’s tech tools in the real estate field, agents can provide more transparency in their work and clients can receive up-to-the-minute information about their transaction, thus, boosting their trust in the process and their agent.

Here’s a look at how agents can use technology to foster transparency and trust with their clients.

A Hand-in-Hand Approach to Transparency

Every part of our daily lives has been shaped by technology, so why would real estate be any different? Real estate technology has emerged as a permanent fixture in the industry. Tech innovations have streamlined how agents do business and how clients search for and buy or sell homes.

Boundless software, tools, websites, apps and other digital solutions are used by all to optimize buying, selling, researching, financing and marketing, among other things. But, most importantly, technology is here to increase transparency.

Enter HomeSmart’s RealSmart Agent. This integrated tool provides comprehensive visibility into the transaction for real estate agents, from broker review in real time to a checklist of necessary documents to digital signing. As the jumping-off point for an agent’s transaction and marketing needs, RealSmart Agent provides users the capability to see, manage and grow their business from one place.

Staying Close to Clients

Transparency is a two-way street, and in the world of real estate technology, this means providing clients the opportunity to see everything that’s going on in the transaction process. RealSmart Agent is integrated with HomeSmart Client, an app built to provide consumers with similar insight.

The HomeSmart Client mobile app pulls all client information and transaction documents so buyers and sellers can have full visibility into the progress of their transaction from home search or property listing through closing. While agents can schedule home tours, provide the best driving routes for a day of showings and message clients on their end in their RealSmart Agent App noted above, their clients can upload images and take audio and text notes at each property in HomeSmart Client. Buyers and sellers can even use HomeSmart Client to see what paperwork is still required or to see where their transaction is with mortgage or title if they use one of HomeSmart's partners.

This tech-based solution to communication and transparency needs fosters trust between the client and agent by keeping the former informed and in tune with everything that is still needed or is being processed. While each transaction is unique and can take longer than others, knowing where things stand and keeping communication lines open with the click of a button helps to increase transparency.

The Tech Road Ahead

New technologies continue to flood the market and change the way agents and brokers do business. What’s more, these upgrades are happening more frequently, meaning that clients have a higher expectation of transparency and a higher standard of service they hold their representatives.

When agents focus on their clients’ interests and utilize the tools that are available to them, they can enhance transparency and build more trust. This nearly eliminates stress from a transaction and opens the door to positive reviews, more business and even referrals down the road. In the end, with technology in real estate, everyone wins.

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