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Branding Yourself With a Better Bio

By Laurie McDonnell on April 05, 2019
Laurie McDonnell

A real estate agent bio may seem like an afterthought, a task that’s necessary but not all that important. However, potential clients are relying more on that bio than you might realize. A dynamic bio improves your standing with prospects. A dull bio can lead to an uninterested response—basically, crickets—and lost opportunity.

According to National Association of Realtors (NAR) research, 74 percent of sellers and 70 percent of buyers interviewed only one agent. In other words, you may get only one chance to make a good first impression on potential clients. And if that first impression is your online bio, you better get it right.

Your brand is on display in your real estate agent bio, so put some time into the process and write a description of yourself that impresses the reader. Here are some tips for creating a great bio.

It’s All About You …

In your real estate agent bio, you’re the star! So the focus should be all about you, your experience, your business and real estate philosophies, and anything else that tells the reader who you are and why you are a great agent. Feel free to brag, but don’t go too overboard—potential clients want to know as much about you as your accomplishments. You want to avoid making a sales pitch in your bio messaging. Other parts of your website, as well as your in-person interactions, will tell prospects what services you can offer if hired. Your bio should reveal why you’re qualified to deliver those services.

… But Don’t Make Yourself Boring

Your story is important, interesting, and even exciting. Yet many real estate agents write boring bios that fail to impress prospects. If your bio spews rote facts and an endless string of industry acronyms, readers won’t get to know the real you. And if your story is overly flowery and lacks substance, readers might think you lack the skill to represent them. Find the balance between creative and direct. Tell a story and avoid being too dry, but be sure that story reveals why you’re terrific.

Don’t Write an Epic

Along the same lines, if a prospect clicks into your bio and sees so many paragraphs that Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace, would think, “This feels a little wordy,” you’ve written too much. You want people to read your bio and get to know you; a thousand words staring back at them will likely make them click away. A good word count to consider is 200-400 words (and 400 might be pushing the limit). Alternatively, don’t be so brief that the reader learns nothing about you—that doesn’t build confidence in your abilities or experience.

Be Reader-Friendly

Obviously, you want readers of your bio to come away informed, inspired, and believing you might be an agent they can trust. The format and structure of the copy can help deliver that information, inspiration, and trust. For example, instead of a long paragraph detailing your awards, certifications, and/or areas of expertise, use bullet points to make such lists easier to digest. Someone who may not have time to read your bio will still see those highlights and then might make time to read the rest. Also, don’t be afraid to add links, photos, and contact info to help the reader consume and navigate the text. Always remember that even though the bio describes you, it’s really for your clients and potential clients.

Brand to an Audience

Understanding your audience will also shape how you write your bio. If you cater more to upscale homes in ritzier neighborhoods, your bio should appeal to buyers in the market for high-end property—so you may want to be more formal. If your expertise is getting young families into their first homes, your bio can emphasize the satisfaction you feel helping your clients realize their dreams. Your clientele, area of expertise, and geographic market define your brand, which in turn should define your real estate agent bio.

Get a Little Personal

Your bio doesn’t have to be all business; as long as you aren’t writing an encyclopedia, you can add personal details such as family, pets, hobbies, journey to becoming a real estate agent, and anything else that reveals your human side. Potential clients want an expert working for them, but they also want that expert to truly understand them—and there might not be a better way to achieve that understanding than showing that you aren’t much different than the people you represent.

That said, our final tip is to be genuine in your real estate agent bio. Consumers have seen enough sales pitches and over-the-top marketing to spot a phony. Let the real you shine through. Draw readers into your story, and make them come away thinking—knowing—that you would be great to work with.

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