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6 Important Features for Millennial Home Buyers

Millennials make up one of the biggest generations in terms of population, beating the Baby Boomers. With the latest cutoff year being 1997, all of the millennial population is at ...

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8 Smart Space-Saving Organization Ideas

Don’t you wish that sometimes your home just had a little more space? You might not need another closet or bedroom, but you feel like there simply must be the possibility for more ...

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How to Create a Home Office You Love as a Real Estate Agent

What does the phrase “working from home” bring to mind? Maybe it’s kids running around the house, pets trying to get your attention or Netflix calling your name. Or perhaps it’s an...

Real Estate real estate agent agents office design trends

Tips for Giving Your Real Estate Business a Good Spring Cleaning

With springtime upon us, now is the time to not just do some spring cleaning in your home, but also in your business. As our businesses are slowing down and we are experiencing une...

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