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8 Smart Space-Saving Organization Ideas

By HomeSmart International Marketing Team on December 30, 2021

Don’t you wish that sometimes your home just had a little more space? You might not need another closet or bedroom, but you feel like there simply must be the possibility for more room. Our lives can easily become very cluttered, and a cluttered home can bring unwanted stress.

Check out some of these creative and inexpensive ways you can free up some space in your home, making it look and feel more organized.

1. Built-In Bookshelves Create Stylish Storage

Built-in bookshelves provide a nice mix of open and closed storage space. They are the perfect place to display books and photos, creating a stylish solution. You can even stack boxes to hide clutter like extra chargers, remotes and other smaller trinkets.

2. Bathroom Vanity Storage

Investing in a vanity that allows you to have more storage space can help organize your bathroom and make it appear less cluttered. Look for a piece with cabinets, shelves and roomy drawers for your toiletries and towels.

3. Shower Alcove

A shower shelf allows for ample space for your shower necessities. It makes it easier to reach them when you’re in the shower, eliminating the need for obtrusive storage options that hang around the shower head or sit on the ledge. Not to mention, it adds a little style to your shower!

4. Closet Storage

Cabinetry and shelving maximize your storage space no matter what room you’re in. You can customize compartments that hold items from jewelry to boots to hats to clothing, keeping this easily-messy space organized.

5. Baskets and Boxes

If you find that your spaces feel cluttered with things hanging around on shelves, coffee tables or even in your closets, decorative boxes and baskets are the easiest way to spruce up any space quickly. They make even the most crowded storage areas  appear less cluttered when, in reality, you’re just hiding things in boxes!

6. Kitchen Shelves

Installing kitchen shelves where you may lack cabinetry is a stylish and convenient way to free up counter space for those clunky and awkward kitchen appliances. Plus, open shelving is one of the hottest design trends at the moment, allowing for lots of styling options and airiness in the kitchen.

7. Towel Bar Over the Sink

Another great way to clear up some cabinet storage and counter space in the kitchen is hanging items on a towel bar hoisted above the sink or stove. You can not only use it to hang utensils, but pots and pans as well.

8. Wall Nook in the Bedroom

Putting a small wall nook in your bedroom can free up useful nightstand space or potentially replace the need for them all together. This can make smaller bedrooms feel much bigger with less furniture.

Looking to get a jump start on spring cleaning before you put these space-saving tips to the test? These 5 tips for tackling your spring cleaning can help you figure out which organization ideas you’ll need to implement in your home to save space:

1. Create a schedule and break it down room-by-room
2. Declutter to reduce the amount of items you'll need to organize
3. Work from top to bottom when dusting and vacuuming
4. Don't forget about cleaning the walls and windows
5. Replace all your air filters for clean breathing

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