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Expert Tips On Having Your Best Year Ever

By Tori Sokol on April 26, 2018
Tori Sokol

Real estate agents are entrepreneurs-- they are business owners. They hold themselves accountable for the success of their business and therefore are naturally motivated. But, even the most successful agents need to find ways to build momentum and grow their business.

During this year’s KEY To Your Success Event, HomeSmart was honored to have Dan Tyre, multiple time entrepreneur and number six employee at Hubspot, a top marketing and sales software company, as the keynote speaker. Dan, shared his valued knowledge of business planning and marketing while focusing on How To Have Your Best Year Ever. As a former CEO, entrepreneur and sales and marketing expert, Dan knows what it takes to stay motivated to grow year over year so your business doesn’t get stagnant and so you don’t stop loving what you do. Tyre breaks down his advice into three categories of simple (and almost obvious) tips that make planning for your business seem easy, manageable and even beneficial to your life outside of work.

Reach Your Potential

If you are not engaging yourself, you are not going to make a breakthrough in your industry. Helping people starts with you.

  • Set goals and write a plan. According to Tyre, if you don’t have your goals written down, then they are merely dreams. Once you recognize your goals, separate them into two different categories. The first should be a why goal: why do you want to have the best year ever? This is your foundation or your starting point. The second should be a what goal: what do I need to do in order to accomplish this? These are the steps that need to be taken. Start small, write out a simple to-do list and elaborate as your ideas grow.
  • Find a partner. Your own accountability should first come from yourself, however if that should waver for any reason, then your partner is there to hold you accountable and encourage you. If you both are on the road to meeting your goals, be eachothers advocate when times get tough. If your partner has already met their goals, use them as your inspiration and look to them for guidance.

Stay Pumped All Year

Tyre says, stick to the basics and you will be pleasantly surprised. Start by creating an energy playlist of your favorite music or building a vision board for a visual representation of your goals. And while eating, sleeping and exercising may be the last things on your to-do list, they are essential in any busy professional’s life. Most importantly, Tyre offers these two tips:

  1. Find your energy people. Tyre suggests finding three people in your life that you can call when you’re feeling down. A friend, a grandparent or someone that simply just makes your day can be the difference between dull and fulfilling-- which usually correlates with productivity.
  2. Build an SSP also known as a Shameless Self Promotion. In other words, save the nice emails, notes or messages you receive. Your SSP should go hand-in-hand with your energy people. Save the advice or encouragement that they offer and use it in moments when you need positive energy but they are not available. Additionally, any time a client or a colleague sends a “thank you” or “job well done” email, save it in a folder and use it to empower yourself. It is healthy to remind yourself that you are good at what you do and it is okay to feel proud when others notice.


Attitude Suggestions

Attitude really is everything and Tyre has three tips to ensure you have the right one.

  1. Be grateful. Once again, this advice is simple and effective. Begin each day with what are you grateful for and your attitude will positively reflect it. From the barista that made your coffee in the morning to your home and your family, big or small, appreciating what you have is healthy for the mind and a great start to your day.
  2. Sometimes you eat the big dog and sometimes the big dog eats you. Simply put, life and all of its mess-ups happen and they happen to everyone. The key is to make fun of them and move on. Tyre explains, if you're having a tough day, well then, you're having a tough day. Truth be told, wallowing in pity is no way to have your best year ever.
  3. Recovery. Allow yourself one day of recovery and then focus your energy into how you are going to pick yourself up and keep on going. Remember, tomorrow is a new day.

Tyre concluded his presentation with a simple and impressive closing statement: “You are a part of something special. You have everything that you need. Now, it is up to you.”

Watch Dan Tyre’s full How to Have Your Best Year Ever presentation, now.




Follow the link to view his presentation slides along with the full KEY To Your Success Event hosted by HomeSmart International on SlideShare.

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