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Building Your Business Through Local and National Networking Options

Effective networking is crucial to your success in real estate. Finding clients can be a uniquely difficult task, mainly when it depends on a cooling marketplace where buyers and sellers seem to be at a standstill. But if you have a network that you can rely on and one that trusts what you do, you can organically drive clients to your business.

Learning how to network as a real estate agent is one of the most critical skills you can work on daily. Networking lets you learn from the knowledge and experience of others, potentially gain new clients and promote yourself and your business in the process.

In this blog, we’ll go over how to expand your network through local gatherings and national events, helping you grow your business and bolster your lists of clientele and fellow real estate professionals.

All-In On Sponsorships

Sponsorships are usually offered at various levels of participation. Depending on your budget and commitment, many local organizations, such as nonprofits and real estate-based associations, offer opportunities to expand your network through your support. Types of sponsorships include:

  • Financial: Choose a charity event to co-sponsor on an annual basis, such as a food drive, toy donation or cause you are passionate about.

  • Signature: Connect with your local chamber of commerce and co-sponsor a business workshop or community-development event. This can provide more visibility to your business and bring clients and fellow agents your way.
Connect with Your Local Community

Being active in your community helps you establish a working relationship with other members and encourages you to meet new people and expand your brand.

There are many ways you can pursue local involvement besides sponsorship as noted above, including block parties and cookouts where you can set up a “Meet Your Realtor”-type environment, literally opening the door for the community to come to ask questions about your services or share their concerns about the industry. This offers up a face-to-face opportunity and keeps you personable and forthcoming.

Another way to get engaged with your community and give back while you’re at it is by volunteering your time at organizations that could use a helping hand. From food banks to homeless outreach, you can do your part for your community and represent the positivity that potential clients are looking for.

Go Beyond Your Community: Attending National Events

With the public square back to being open on a full-time basis, the door for meeting in person and attending events in the industry is wide open. There are plenty of national networking events, seminars and workshops where you can not only pick up some skills from industry experts but also promote your brand and link up with fellow agents, home buyers and home sellers. What’s more, you can also pick up fresh ideas and perspectives on how to connect with today’s clientele more effectively through events that are geared toward buyers and sellers.

When searching for events to attend, you should prioritize those that include education about the market you are trying to attract. For example, if you want to hone in on younger families or first-time buyers, you might look into attending several events that speak to potential clients who are looking to expand their families in more affordable and safer areas.

And if you’re looking for events that are more agent-centered and speak to your needs, concerns and goals as a professional in the industry, such as HomeSmart’s annual Growth Summit in Las Vegas, look to your state, local and national association of REALTORS® chapters for professional development and networking events. Also, consider joining your Local Real Estate Investors Association, or REIA, to find useful networking opportunities associated with the real estate industry.

By forming strong local connections and staying on top of national events to attend and expand your brand, you’ll build a strong network that can drive leads. On top of growing your client base, you will also meet industry professionals who you can depend on for advice and referrals and vice versa. Your network is the key to your success, so it’s important to get active and stay engaged.

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