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Selling Your Home Is No Joke. Use a Professional: Why For Sale By Owner is a Bad Idea.

Do you have what it takes to sell your own home? No, this isn’t a trick question. If you’re selling your home, you might have thought about listing it for sale by owner (FSBO). But...

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The Simple Act of Staying in Touch

In the National Association of REALTORS® 2018 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, 90% of buyers said that they would use their agent again or recommend them to others. But here’s th...

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How to Become a Real Estate Matchmaker [Homebuyer Property Checklist]

When a buyer finds their dream home, the one they’ve been desperately searching for, a huge weight is lifted off their shoulders. But it’s not always easy for an agent to find thei...

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Drive Away with All of Your Commission... and a New Car

Agents come to HomeSmart knowing they’ll take home 100 percent of their commission, but many don’t expect to get a fancy car out of it, too! Sean Conrad of HomeSmart Premier Living...

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How to Have Your Best Listing Appointment Yet

Within the first seven seconds of meeting you, a seller will have a solid impression of who you are. While your listing appointments will hopefully last longer than seven seconds, ...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business by Networking

If you’re looking for a new way to grow your business, go to the contacts app on your phone. Now, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the total number of contacts that you’ve save...

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Pets Are The New Real Estate Buyers

When you think of the reasons that your clients choose to buy a home, what comes to mind? Maybe they buy because they want more living space, want to build equity or for family rea...

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3 Ways to Make Social Media Part of Your Business Plan

As an agent, you have probably heard over and over that social media marketing is an easy and effective strategy to win over clients. At the same time, trying to keep up with multi...

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How to Pick the Perfect Real Estate Farm

Farming is not just growing crops in a field. In real estate, farming means growing your business by marketing yourself to a specific area, or farm. A farm can be any geographic or...

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Stay Hot in the Summer Market with These 6 Marketing Ideas

Summer is hot, and not just in terms of weather. Many agents know that summertime is also a hot season in real estate. Kids are out of school, families spend more time together, th...

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Top Video Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Inman’s research on real estate marketing is clear: Video is great for business. Consider these numbers: