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Three Essentials of Brokerage Management Software

By Tori Sokol on March 26, 2018
Tori Sokol



As any successful broker knows, not only do you need the right skills and experience to achieve greatness in your industry, but also, the right tools and technology to aid you in your success. In the real estate business, there is no time to fall behind and the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to find the right technology to assist you in all of your broker needs.

Stick to these three essentials when looking for the right brokerage management platform that will benefit you and your business:

Integrated System of Technology

Possibly the greatest tool a franchisor can offer you as their broker is an integrated system of technology. More specifically, a single platform that serves as a broker’s end-to-end system for operational efficiency. The technology needed to simplify broker needs is already in the market and readily available, but the trick for brokers is to find a franchisor that supports you with the most efficient and effective brokerage platform. A centralized technology hub allows you to conveniently and efficiently manage your agent’s paperless transactions which, in turn, can increase agent/broker communication. Successful brokers understand that productivity between themselves and their agents is a key component in maintaining effortless transactions within their brokerages. As a way to help brokers quickly track and manage agent productivity, brokers need a do-all platform that supports a smooth flow of business. Ideally, the system your brokerage offers you is directed from a main office that allows dozens of branch offices to operate efficiently and effectively underneath a central hub with minimal overhead and expense.

Transaction Management

Your franchisor should understand the intricate steps you take in order to successfully run your business. Within an integrated system of technology, transaction management should be at the forefront. A franchisor that aids in the complicated transactions between buyers/sellers and agents, while providing the resources to directly assist from the beginning of a deal to close, is a necessity to a successful brokerage. Even further, a franchisor should provide a technological platform that allow brokers to see a full view of their agent’s transactions. A cloud-based system such as this can diminish the outdated and convoluted process of working with a myriad loose papers around the office. The possibility of important agent material being lost in translation, or simply just lost, should not be a concern in this technologically driven era. One online system that provides brokers the ability to view all of their agents’ paperwork, progress toward completion and the status of closing on each deal, guarantees timely completion and a streamlined transaction review and storage process. An integrated system should also include the ability to send out alerts for documents that need additional review. This function is vital to ensuring a high level of accountability within your business.

Compliance Management

Compliance management should be integrated into a brokerage to minimize the financial and legal risk associated with broker tasks, while increasing efficiency of your business. A preferred brokerage management system requires standard documents to be uploaded before further steps of the closing process can be taken. Additionally, the technology should also take into account the possibility of a unique transaction, and for this reason allow flexibility of certain document uploads. Automated messages sent out to you and your agents when documents are missing is a fundamental tool in your business to know exactly what is required and when. A mandatory document upload and automated messaging feature can streamline the regulatory review and reduce risk of your transactions, while simultaneously increasing compliance within your business. This unique approach will enable your brokerage to operate at maximum efficiency while eliminating any redundancies.

Managing all of your back-office tasks and accessing resources with a click of a button will enable you to make better decisions for your business. As a broker, you should be able to productively run your entire firm without the complications or fees that many technology systems carry. Find a technology model that scales and grows with your business as you need it to.

If you are wondering where to start your search for these broker essentials, look no further than HomeSmart. In 2005, HomeSmart International launched its first proprietary systems, RealSmart Broker and RealSmart Agent. RealSmart Broker caters specifically to brokers and brokerage owners and was created to provide a central online hub from which a brokerage operates. The cloud-based brokerage performance management system focuses on allowing brokers to run their business from one place while minimizing risk.

The industry's most efficient, secure and robust RealSmart Broker cloud-based brokerage performance management software helps manage agent transactions, assess compliance and recruit to broker pipeline.

The industry's most efficient, secure and robust RealSmart Broker cloud-based brokerage performance management software helps manage agent transactions, assess compliance and recruit to broker pipeline.

Additional features of RealSmart Broker include education portals, website and marketing resources, recruitment assistance and direct access to broker Customer Relationship Management. HomeSmart proudly boasts the operational efficiency within their technology and RealSmart Broker has successfully supported this claim. If you haven’t already done so, let HomeSmart keep you ahead of the curve with their fully-integrated, company-owned technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about our RealSmart Broker software or are interested in owning a HomeSmart franchise, contact Bryan Brooks at 800-383-7051 or email him at to schedule a confidential call.

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