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Three Things Every Team Needs to Scale Efficiently

By HomeSmart Marketing Team on March 13, 2023

Real estate teams offer big benefits, especially for agents searching for increased opportunities and growth. When building your team, finding the right strategy for scaling your business should take priority—and efficiency should be a cornerstone of your overall plan.

Whether your team is just getting started or is well-established in your marketplace, it’s important to evaluate your strategies to focus on efficiently scaling your business to find the greatest success. Not sure where to start? These are the three things every team needs to scale efficiently.

The Right Systems 

One of the best investments you can make in your team to support efficient scaling is having the proper systems in place. As a solo agent, you likely already understand the importance of strong systems but the right systems are even more crucial to a team’s success. To optimize transactions and scalability, teams need the right CRM, lead generation and management tools. Additional systems, like accountability resources and a well-vetted preferred vendor roster also enhance a team’s ability to scale with ease. Partnering with a brokerage that understands the significance of leveraging thoughtful systems to fuel your team’s development can take these resources—and your team—to the next level.

Attainable Goals

This seems pretty straightforward, but creating reachable goals is key to scaling your team effectively. When setting your team’s goals, focus on measurable, attainable milestones that can build upon each other. People love to win, and when you set and achieve goals it can drive a team’s collective motivation to push forward. Simple, yes, but achievable goals help your team create and maintain momentum. And this momentum can mean the difference between extraordinary and average success as a team. Whether your goals include hitting a certain number of transactions in a quarter or working on increasing referrals, clear goals will help your team understand expectations, plan for success and have a framework for the future to keep them on track.


A successful real estate team requires collaboration, but it also needs consistency to achieve real growth. While consistency comes in many forms, it’s recommended that consistency starts with team agreements and splits. Consistent plans save you time, money and stress, and that’s extremely valuable when you’re focused on efficient scaling. The more confusing your team’s plan is, the more likely it is that issues will arise—and these issues can cost you time and money. Building a consistent team agreement simplifies transaction management, making it that much easier for your team to grow. Team agreements and splits don’t have to be complex, and by leveraging consistency across the board you’ll be able to prioritize what matters to your team’s growth rather than get tied down sifting through convoluted splits and paperwork with every transaction.

Implementing these tips is just the beginning of scaling your team and business efficiently—they create a solid foundation for future success. HomeSmart’s unique brokerage model provides teams with the support, streamlined processes and the industry-leading RealSmart Agent platform they need to amplify their business, maximize growth and plan for the future.

If you’re looking for more about starting and growing your own team, HomeSmart’s Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Teams is a great place to start.

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