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Thinking Outside The Box: Attracting Agents with Creativity & Innovation

By Tori Sokol on August 28, 2017
Tori Sokol


By: HomeSmart Realty Advisors Co-owners Bill Kratz and Robert Foglio

In today’s competitive real estate industry, with brokerage models vying for agents’ attention, it’s important to continue to stay ahead of the competition. Over time, it’s easy for a brokerage to become stagnant and lose their creative edge that draws agents in, but you can’t lose focus.

We spoke to RISMedia about how we’ve managed to grow our agent count dramatically and help our agents succeed thanks to creative flexibility.

There are many reasons why brokers struggle to attract agents, but we have three foolproof ways to help you draw positive attention to your brokerage.

1. Educational Classes That Teach Agents How To Market Themselves
Provide training classes and workshops that teach agents about marketing and empower them to look at themselves as CEOs of their own business. Along with free education, offer marketing, technology and IT support at no cost, as well as a generous commission structure that helps agents achieve their income and investment goals.

At HomeSmart Realty Advisors, our agent count has increased from 12 to 40 in the past six months. We attribute our growth to providing educational mastermind workshops to agents at no charge.

2. Imaginative Marketing Tactics That Makes You Original
To generate leads for prospective real estate attorneys, think of clever or catchy ads, promotions or marketing campaigns that are outside of the box. You’ll stand out and be memorable.
Our most creative marketing campaign we’ve run was when we mass mailed mini back scratchers with a note that said: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” It was such a hit, our phone rang off the hook with responses!

3. Innovative Technology That Allows for Creative Flexibility
Agents gain much value from technologies like CRMs and transaction management systems, but what many don’t have are end-to-end technologies that speak to one another. Brokers should provide their agents with technology that supports every aspect of the transaction and their business as a whole.

We’re able to grow and operate as successfully as we are, in such a short amount of time, because of the value added from HomeSmart’s proprietary technology. Creativity is key to attracting agents and our Marketing Design Center has editable templates for listing presentations, business cards, social media and signs that make branding easy. It’s one of the best systems in the industry and is constantly being updated, so agents are being seen with the best-looking materials out there.

It’s crucial to affiliate with a real estate company that allows you to focus on your vision for your brokerage. We strive for our agents to earn more money, while working fewer hours, and this is made possible thanks to the HomeSmart business model and the creative flexibility it allows.

Looking for a fresh perspective on how to grow your  brokerage? Or want to learn more about the HomeSmart franchise model? Contact Bryan Brooks at or call 800-383-7051 for a consultation.

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