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How One Innovative Marketing Idea Lead to Two Unlikely Home Sales!

By Tori Sokol on January 19, 2017
Tori Sokol


HomeSmart Broker Bill Flemming is a real estate marketing genius and a tried and true innovator.

His HomeSmart Connect Real Estate office, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is experiencing explosive growth,

while competitors around him are closing their doors.          

Bill’s success caught the attention of RISMedia, who recently conducted a spotlight interview with him

to learn more about how he operates his brokerage from both a marketing and technological perspective.

That interview started out with an incredible story that was the epitome of turning a ‘lemon into lemonade.’

One weekend, Bill found himself in a little dilemma.

His office had scheduled eight open houses in the same area, on the same day. Sounds like a busy, productive day right?

Here is where the story gets interesting.

Counting himself, he only had three people to staff all seven (or eight) open houses - which when you do the math, that meant several homes would go unattended.

In a matter of moments, Bill had the perfect solution.

A moment of innovative marketing brilliance.

Bill assigned each person on his team to be on-site at one home.

So what did he do with the other open houses?

Well, instead of rescheduling the other open houses -- here is where his innovation kicked in.  

Bill decided to post signs in front of each of the unstaffed homes that said:

    Agent on Call  

Call 847-454-1700

We will be onsite within 10 minutes to open the property for you to view

So, how did  this innovative ‘simple’ marketing approach turn out?

It resulted in Bill’s team selling two of the homes for sale that day.

This kind of innovation embodies HomeSmart Broker/Owners who are attracted to the mission of CEO Matt Widdows, who believes that:

“Greatness comes from setting ridiculous expectations, then finding a way to make those expectations normal.”

We all know that having technology to support the efficiencies of a franchise brokerage is key.

Listen to what Bill attributes his successful, efficient operation to:

Bill shared that HomeSmart’s technology is the key reason his real estate brokerage business runs efficiently, seamlessly and profitably.

When asked specifically about HomeSmart’s technology, Bill further explained that having

one platform integrate both a broker and agent system, it saves him from the headaches of dealing with 5-6 third-party systems

that don’t talk to each other or operate correctly.

In addition, the HomeSmart’s technology is an important marketing tool when attracting new agents.

When you share with an agent how much money they will save using one system as opposed to having to pay additional fees for third-party applications,

agents see the value immediately.   

Bill leverages HomeSmart International’s integrated broker and transaction management system to maximize the productivity of his agents.

This enables him to save on expenses and provide his agents with 100% commission.  

He feels every agent should take advantage of HomeSmart’s flat-fee, 100% commission system.

Bill asks every prospective agent one question …  are you asking the same question?

Bill considers HomeSmart’s technology and systems the key to attracting and retaining agents.

When agents see how easy the entire HomeSmart system is to use, coupled with getting 100% commission, they flock to his brokerage.

Bill has positioned his business to multiply -- check out how he is doing it!

To read more about Bill Flemming and the innovative approaches he uses to grow his brokerage, click here to read the complete interview on RisMedia Magazine.

To learn more about the HomeSmart franchise business model and find out if it's the best fit for your brokerage growth strategy, contact Bryan Brooks at

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