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3 Tips To Successfully Grow Your Brokerage

By Tori Sokol on April 27, 2017
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By: HomeSmart Realty West Broker/Owner Roger Lee and CFO Abe Hamideh

At one time or another, everyone struggles growing their brokerage. Maybe you hit a ceiling and need help breaking through by recruiting more agents. Maybe your agents aren’t feeling supported or trained, and therefore leave the team.

We spoke to RISMedia about how we’ve managed to grow, stay ahead of competition and keep our agents happy.

There are many reasons why brokers struggle to grow their business, but we have three surefire tips to help nurture yours.

1. Flat Fee Model

HomeSmart Realty West runs on a flat fee model that offers agents a 100% commission coupled with full brokerage services and technology package. An agent can sign with us and experience high service, more value and low cost.

The low-fee, high-value model allows agents to earn their hard-earned money, without feeling like they’re being nickel-and-dimed by the brokerage. Experienced, top-producers who have built up their personal brands are now joining our team, because they’re tired of splitting their commissions. By switching to this model, you too can attract the most talented agents in your market.

2. A+ Service and Support (Franchise Services + Technology)

Service and support will set you apart from your competition. We cater to our agents by providing unparalleled service. In a traditional brokerage, it may take days to get back to an agent, but we take pride in answering calls quickly and responding to emails the same day.

It is imperative to be efficient in your communications. We use HomeSmart Franchise Services to help.

Effective technology is responsible for the growth and efficiencies at HomeSmart Realty West. The problem many have in the industry is that there are countless real estate platforms with specific purposes, but integration and connectivity between systems is a challenge. This means different databases, usernames and passwords to keep track of, pricey contracts and fee schedules. The HomeSmart proprietary technology suite provides end-to-end agent and broker systems with 100% integration.

HomeSmart Technology:

a.  Manages agent and broker experiences

b.  A+ customer service

c.  Empowers brokers and agents

d.  Creates efficiency through automation and reports

e.  Creates consistency

f.  Allows for centralization

Our agent recruiter credits the flat fee model for getting agents in the door, but our technology and support keeps them here.

3. Retention

As a broker, you might successfully recruit agents, but can you retain them? Many brokerages struggle hitting their goals, because as they sign two agents, they lose three. We recently reached a huge milestone by hitting 535+ agents. We believe our culture is one of the main reasons why.

Offer classes and discussions on a variety of topics each week like lead generation, marketing, contract writing and negotiation skills. Take care of your agents by giving them the skills and resources to be successful.

To learn more on the HomeSmart franchise business model and if it’s a good fit to scale your brokerage and increase profitability, contact Bryan Brooks at

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