What The Modern Agent Wants: HomeSmart Genesis

By Tori Sokol on December 13, 2018
Tori Sokol
HomeSmart Genesis, the newest HomeSmart franchise in West Michigan, is the first true 100% model in Ottawa and Kent Counties. HomeSmart Genesis broker/owner Kase Knochenhauer brought HomeSmart to the area to not only provide agents 100% of their commissions, but also 100% service, support, culture and technology—everything the modern day agent needs to effectively run their business.

So who is the modern day agent, you ask?

According to Kase, the modern day agent not only embraces technology, but also leverages it effectively so they can focus on building relationships. Instead of using technology to avoid people, they use it to create efficiencies so they can spend more time in front of people.


What does the modern agent want?

The modern agent wants help automating the transaction process, generating leads, assistance in the conversion process and getting listings in front of a broader audience. They need systems that allow them to develop their skill set and grow their business efficiently. And as a modern day broker, Kase needed a system that allowed him to effectively scale his team and recruit without large monthly fees.

What does the modern agent get from HomeSmart Genesis?

Kase and his team saw HomeSmart as a brokerage that was very different from the others in West Michigan, and they all appreciated that. The industry is for the most part leaning toward two extremes: heavy brick and mortar or heavy online. HomeSmart is the right balance. It emphasizes having brick and mortar but not making it the most important point of the business. The model allows Kase to leverage and put his money where it really matters—not the buildings, but the systems and processes that are available to the agents that work within them.


For the agents on the team that made the switch with Kase, their monthly cost went down and their split disappeared but all the systems they needed to be successful were available waiting for them.


The beauty of HomeSmart is that it focuses on what’s important to the modern day agent—helping them scale and grow their businesses.


HomeSmart Genesis is looking for West Michigan-area agents that want to grow their business whether in person, online or leveraging a team. If you fit the mold, contact HomeSmart Genesis at 616.405.8635 or hsgenesis.careerservices@hsmove.com.

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