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How to Manage Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

By Hannah Westbrooks on May 03, 2018
Hannah Westbrooks

It’s safe to assume the average real estate agent has at least one social media platform they’re using to promote their business. If you’re the lonely agent that doesn’t use it, it’s time to get on board! Social media isn’t just for socializing - it’s a platform that can transform your business.

From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Google, there are so many platforms that can provide value to you and your business. While your social media efforts need to be effective and thoughtful, they shouldn’t consume your entire day. As a small business owner you’re already juggling too many tasks, appointments, closings and your typical marketing initiatives that you can’t afford spending all your time online.

We’ve created an eBook that teaches you how to efficiently manage your social media accounts in just 10 minutes a day. Through this guide, you’ll learn why and how to monitor each of your channels to reach your goals in the most effective way.


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