How to Increase Your Home’s “Screen Appeal”

By HomeSmart International Marketing Team on February 12, 2021

Presentation is key to selling your home. Successful staging can help buyers visualize themselves in a home, leading to more offers. While it’s always been important to have professional photos that make your home look great, it’s even more crucial to pay attention to your screen appeal in order to get noticed by buyers.

With fewer in-person viewings and even fewer open houses than ever before, you have to be positive that your home looks its best on mobile and desktop devices. Focusing on how it looks virtually is going to be your best chance at selling your home. Here are five ways you can boost your “screen appeal”.

1) Move or Hide Accessories

This tip is simple... declutter. Before taking any photos or videos, make sure you’re putting your home’s best features forward and minimizing distractions. Do a full sweep of every room to remove it of clutter and small appliances like:

  • Coffee-makers

  • Blenders

  • Remote controls

  • Toys

  • Toothbrushes

  • Lawn ornaments

  • Garbage/recycling bins

  • Soap bottles

  • Fridge magnets

  • Photos/momentos

By removing all these small items that take up counter space or hide out on various shelves and in corners, you make any room appear more open and spacious.

2) Adjust Lighting

Indoor lighting can look very different online than it can in person. Before you post any pictures or videos, take a lot of test photos to see what’s working and where. 

Natural lighting is always going to look better than artificial lighting, so use it whenever you can. But remember, it’s important to maintain a balance to avoid any harsh shadows and glares. The time of day you photograph will also depend on where the windows are facing in each room. Another quick tip for optimal lighting is layering lamps and other lights of various heights to completely fill a room. When testing, try different combinations of lights but make sure that temperature (cool or warm) and type (ex. LED) are consistent.

3) Liven It Up Using Plants

One of the biggest interior design trends on Instagram lately is adding plants because it pops in photos. Adding well-positioned plants to rooms can create brightness and life to a space as well as an image. Use a variety of different species and sizes to add personality.

If you aren’t going to be able to maintain real plants, you can still use artificial plants in their place. That way, it won’t require any ongoing attention between pictures, virtual tours and private showings. Just remember not to overwhelm a room with too many plants or it may give off more of a jungle aesthetic which isn’t for everyone.

4) Change Up Your Shelf Organization

Instead of lining up books library style, try to mix them up by laying some vertically and horizontally in stacks. With some of that extra spacing or gaps, you can fill it with plants, candles, keepsakes, artwork, etc. If you can find any way to add lighting around the bookcase, that will add more emphasis to a focal point in the room.

5) Stage Rooms for Their Intended Use

If you have customized the rooms in your home for your own needs, it may be time to consider reverting them back. What you’ve converted rooms to may not be what others want to see those rooms used for. As an example, many people have had to convert dining rooms into home offices due to working from home policies. But, most buyers will probably be prioritizing the dining room for eating in that space versus working. The best thing you can do is show off these rooms for their intended use.

If you’re looking for professional help to sell your home, there’s a national network of HomeSmart agents ready to assist you. And even better, they have access to an online marketplace filled with vetted and trusted business partners who can help you get the best photos and videos to post for your home. Contact one of our agents today to find out how they can help you get your home sold.

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