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How to Grow Your Real Estate Business by Networking

By HomeSmart Marketing Team on November 10, 2022

No matter where you’re at in your real estate career, networking is essential to expanding your client base, sphere of influence and earning potential. But how do you use your professional network to create new earning opportunities that will end up moving your business forward?

Here, we break down some unique ways that networking can help grow your business through accessible and straightforward steps.

Get Plugged In With Your Surroundings

If you look up and down the block you live on, you’re looking at potential earnings. The people you live near can give you their business or work with another agent. If you’re newer to the area, you might not feel connected or have that much exposure. This is where a little legwork can come in handy.

By getting involved in community groups, such as volunteer organizations, or asking your local farmer’s market if you can set up shop at a weekend event, for example, you’re putting yourself out there for those in your community to see. Also, dropping off cards or hanging flyers in nearby small businesses can provide unique opportunities to touch base with potential clients.

Go All-In on Events and Conferences

We all had to adjust to those 18 months where toilet paper was currency, everything was delivered and meeting in person was nixed. And with an industry driven by connecting with others in person, the cancellation or delay of conferences and events really took a toll.

But, now, we’re back in business and signing up for industry conferences, like HomeSmart’s annual Growth Summit conference in Las Vegas, is in fashion again. By attending industry events, you are being proactive in your learning, workshopping and networking. Industry conferences can connect you to everything from service businesse partners to fellow agents to mentors and learning opportunities–all providing the potential to connect with potential clients better.

Be a Social (Media) Butterfly

When working on your social media presence, it’s important to keep your platforms clean, accessible and high-quality. Whether it’s your LinkedIn or Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, staying on top of how you present yourself and the information and services you provide is important.

By using social media, you are offering potential clients a window into your business and your day-to-day while connecting on a more personal level. Try not to overwhelm visitors with too many posts or content that doesn’t promote your business professionally. Each post needs to add value to your leads by persuading them to work with you, so keep this end goal in mind every time you add new content to their feeds.

Use Who You Know

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to reach out to people you already know. If there are people in your contacts who you haven’t spoken to in years, take the opportunity to reconnect with them rather than allowing their information to take up space in your phone. Don’t worry about focusing these conversations completely on your business; it’ll most likely come up naturally. No matter how the conversations go, you can be sure that your effort doesn’t go unnoticed and you’ll score some new clients from it!

So, next time you visit the contacts app on your phone, use it to your advantage. Whether you call up someone you haven’t connected with in a while or add some new contacts that you met at a community event, this list will provide you with incredible networking opportunities to grow your business.

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