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No matter where your market is, local real estate expertise is a key differentiator for buyers and sellers. They want to work with a Realtor who doesn’t just know transactions, but who knows the specifics of their local community. It’s all about context. How does the listing fit into the broader picture of the area? What is the lifestyle like?

HomeSmart agents across the country use the free Relola app to showcase their local expertise. They drop pins on an interactive map that shows the local feature that make their city or town unique -- parks, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, activities and the active listings. This creates a complete, 360-degree picture of the local real estate market.

Ten HomeSmart agents in particular have filled out maps of their market and Relola wanted to celebrate their efforts! So here they are:

10. Dianna Vrh, Scottsdale, AZ

9. Timothy Connell, Phoenix, AZ

8. Gregg Bernadette, Arlington Heights, IL

7. Jerry Wallace, Gilbert, AZ

6. Atifa Rashan, San Diego, CA

5. Kenneth Clark, Phoenix, AZ

4. Bradley Cook, Denver, CO

3. Robert Hughes, San Diego, CA

2. Daniel Neal, Goodyear, AZ

1. Mike Corcoran, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have truly enjoyed using Relola to talk about the amenities, schools, and other favorite places in my neighborhood that could be very meaningful to prospective buyers, when they consider a home in the area,” said Timothy Connell from Phoenix, Arizona. “Knowing what is nearby and recommended in terms of conveniences, services, institutions and entertainment is always helpful, and for some, a primary consideration. Relola makes it fun and easy to gather and share such insights.”

For Dianna Vrh in Scottsdale, the app is more than a tool. It’s an incentive to get out and about and build up her own expertise.

“Relola gives me good reason to go out and view listings,” she told us. “In the past I would go out sporadically and view new listings, but Relola gives me a purpose and I do a better job viewing. I take pictures, and take notes on what I like and don't like, etc. so that I can complete the Relola survey.

Dianna says the Relola app actually helps her know the available listings. “One way I meet new clients is through holding an open house. And if the property I am holding open isn't the right fit, I can intelligently talk about other listings that I have previewed.”

Lastly, Relola makes adding content to her website or posting to social media pages easier, “Which is great,” she said, “because that is one of my least favorite things to do!”


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