Choosing the Brokerage That’s Right for You

By HomeSmart International Marketing Team on February 17, 2023

As a real estate agent, you’re in a constant balancing act, going between your clients’ needs and your own business tasks. Whether it’s answering emails, meeting clients in person, dealing with documents or thinking about your own future in the industry and trying to plan a course of action for your business, it’s non-stop.

With that in mind, the one thing that can help ease some of your stresses and streamline your processes so you can operate with more ease is working for the right brokerage that supplies you with the support you need. You should be able to look to your brokerage for support and resources in every facet of your business.

Let’s break down areas of support you should receive from your brokerage.

Comprehensive Training and Continuing Education

Investing your time in education is a must. Look toward a brokerage that puts an emphasis on developing its agents so they can be successful on an ongoing basis. With access to educational programs that range from training in their tech and processes to developing skills in operating in the real estate industry at no additional charge, you can gain valuable skills to separate yourself from the competition. By having a wide range of training resources available at your fingertips, you can keep your skills sharpened and stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry.

When you’re meeting with a potential brokerage, ask if they offer courses that cover a wide range of skill development, such as marketing, technology, lead generation and navigating the MLS. Whether you are new to real estate or looking for a fresh start in your seasoned career, a brokerage that provides education opportunities shows an investment in your ongoing growth and professionalism.

Top Tech Tools

Technology should have a simple purpose: to lead you to improved service. Technology should empower you to take your business to the next level by streamlining transactions and marketing efforts while keeping costs low.

We recommend seeking a brokerage that provides more affordable or cost-free, end-to-end technology. Be sure their online resources are 100% integrated, having everything you need in one place for a seamless experience. In most instances, brokerages offer tech solutions through third parties, meaning you as the agent need to remember separate login information from platform to platform. With HomeSmart, everything is in one place with only one log in to remember. In the end, technology should improve your productivity and never be a distraction.

For example, at HomeSmart, agents are equipped with the all-in-one tool, RealSmart Agent

This one-stop proprietary platform makes managing daily tasks more efficient. RealSmart Agent provides solutions for transaction management, broker review, marketing and more all in one place. The best part: it’s free.

Never being further than arm’s reach from a wide range of important daily tasks helps to limit stress, cut down on operating time and boost productivity.

On-Demand Help

Great service and support from your brokerage will likely set you apart from your competition. The residential real estate industry has a foundation built on service and relationships, yet you may find that surprisingly few companies make these their top priorities.

Find a company with brokers who are committed to their agents’ well-being and success. Be sure your questions can be answered timely by knowledgeable, reputable, transparent and approachable brokers and staff. You need a team of experts who put you first and who are available to help you succeed so you can offer the best services to your clients.

Having ease of access to support resources provides you with increased stability in any economic climate. If you’re a newer agent or someone in a career transition, you may need real estate broker support in areas like contracts, general mentorship, education and more. Being able to tap into accessible and dependable help can not only improve your prospects but also your overall business.

Don’t Sleep on Company Culture

Yes, top tech and enviable commission structures sound great on paper, but that could be smoke and mirrors for a company that might not consider their agents’ needs first. Make sure you’re not sacrificing company culture and actually like where you work and who you work for.

A company that treats you like family and has mentoring programs, networking events and community activities is important for professional and personal development – after all, real estate is a “people business.” When looking for a brokerage, get a feel for what other agents are saying about it and see what that brokerage values from its agents. You can get a good sense of what a brokerage is about by what it offers, sure, but it’s also important to ask about how daily work life is.

There are many different things you should look for when choosing the right brokerage. But ensuring you’re putting brokerage support first will lead you to a company that puts you, your development and your overall success top of mind.

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