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HomeSmart+ Meet the Agent: Bruno Arapovic, HomeSmart

For HomeSmart agent Bruno Arapovic, sticking with what works comes naturally. After all, Bruno joined HomeSmart at its inception and worked his way up to top honors in the region’s marketplace. He’s earned acclaim from RealTrends for units sold in 2018 and 2019 in Arizona, as well as the third spot in the entire nation for units sold in 2019. He’s obviously found a good groove.

Part of that good groove includes HomeSmart’s 100%-commission structure, which pays agents 100% of their commission on every transaction with a small, flat fee. Even though this lucrative plan has afforded agents like Bruno tangible success, saving beyond the immediate future can be complicated. There may be an urge to spend that hard-earned money early instead of saving it for later.

So when Bruno heard about our all-new revenue share program, HomeSmart+, he decided to change things up. He saw it as an “opportunity to build long-term residual income while providing agents the ability to join a top agents’ network and learn from the best.”

Just like Bruno noted, those who decide to join the program have the chance to plug into long-term, sustainable financial wealth. By connecting with other agents and creating your own pipeline of referrals, you have the opportunity to grow together, seeing a bigger payoff over time.

A revenue-share plan like HomeSmart+ empowers enrollees to create an additional income stream while continuing to do what you are already doing as a real estate agent: sell homes. This rewarding program allows you to set your sights on the possibility of long-term wealth while planning for life after real estate. Building residual income motivates you and your sponsored agents to sell and work as a team, boosting your total income together while your network expands.

“HomeSmart+ is a long-term strategy toward working smarter rather than harder,” he adds. For more information about HomeSmart+, head to and see how you can register.

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